fan engine

fan engine
турбовентиляторний двигун

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  • ducted-fan engine — An aircraft engine incorporating a fan or propeller enclosed in a duct, especially a jet engine in which an enclosed fan or propellant is used to ingest ambient air to augment the gases of combustion in the jet stream. The air may be taken in at… …   Aviation dictionary

  • forward fan engine — A turbofan engine with some of its low pressure compressor blades extended. These extended blades act as a fan and force the air around the outside of the gas generator portion of the engine. A forward fan engine can also have a separate fan… …   Aviation dictionary

  • geared-fan engine — A type of turbofan that has reduction gears between the fan and the first stage of the gas generator compressor. Reduction gears help reduce fan speed to subsonic levels while permitting the compressor to operate at more efficient higher speeds.… …   Aviation dictionary

  • cropped-fan engine — A turbofan whose fan has been reduced in diameter to match a reduced thrust requirement. It permits LP (low pressure) turbine and other parts to be simplified accordingly …   Aviation dictionary

  • fan — i. A combination of three or more cameras that provides wide lateral coverage with adequate overlap. See fan camera photography. ii. The rotor in the beginning of a turbofan engine. iii. A propeller, especially when the emphasis is upon its… …   Aviation dictionary

  • engine sections — The main components of any engine. In the case of a gas turbine engine, these are the fan (if it is fan engine), compressor, combustion, and turbine sections. In the case of reciprocating engines, the four sections are the nose, power, super… …   Aviation dictionary

  • fan stream burning — The burning of air downstream by a fan to augment the thrust from a fan engine. See augmented turbofan …   Aviation dictionary

  • Fan disk — is the part of a turbofan jet engine that contains the fan blades. It is considered one of the most critical components of the engine and has four main functions:*React to centrifugal loads from the fan blades both during normal operation and… …   Wikipedia

  • Fan — or FANS may refer to the following: Ventilation A device to agitate or move air or other gasThe human powered Fan (implement) is a hand held implement used by waving it back and forth.Motor powered Fans: mechanical fans such as oscillating fans,… …   Wikipedia

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  • fan belt — fan belts N COUNT In a car engine, the fan belt is the belt that drives the fan which keeps the engine cool …   English dictionary

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